Trial in the case of human rights defender

On August 29 the Khatai District Court  will start a trail in the case of  Ali Gyulaliyev,  junior son of the human rights activist Oktay Gyulalyev. On July 20, 2014 the Criminal Investigation Police Baku  filed a lawsuit against Ali Gyulaliyev under  the Article 221.1 (hooliganism.)

 The teenager  is charged with a fight at school last September. In  fact , on September 24, 2013  the boy 

 Was attacked by a group of people, and was stabbed. However, this fact is not under investigation, and no one has been brought to justice for it.

Oktay Gyulalyev is the coordinator of the Alliance "Azerbaijan without political prisoners" and headquarters of civil society "Kura", as well as the press secretary of the National Council.

Representatives of the democratic community are convinced that the   a lawsuit against his son is a  way to put pressure on Gyulalyev, and make him  abandon social, political and human rights  activities. -16D-

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