Ukrainian Singer Sings Famous Azerbaijani Song

The famous song by Polad Bul Bul Oglu Gyal Ey Sahar in the words of the poet Fikret Goja received a new sequel in the performance of the well-known Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich.

The idea of ​​performance of this song by the bronze medalist of Eurovision Zlata Ognevich belongs to the Azerbaijani producer Omar Abdulkerimov, who later became art director of the project.

In a press release of Empire Music Entertainment it is said that the work was carried out on the song for a few months. The record was participated by the Symphony Orchestra, an international team of sound experts from Ukraine, Germany and the UK.

The sound producer is the composer-arranger Michael Nekrasov, who worked on the project Wild Dances by Ruslana, who took gold in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004.

Zlata Ognevich reacted to the proposal in a creative way and besides vocal rehearsals, she worked with a teacher of the Azerbaijani language. -02D-

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