Azerbaijan Increases Export of Copper Ore

In the first half of this year, Azerbaijan exported abroad 1,864.5 tons of copper ore and concentrate. That 59.3% more than in the same period of 2014, the State Statistics Committee told Turan.

This year, the entire volume of copper was delivered to Georgia. In the first half of 2014 it was also exported to Kazakhstan (224.6 tons).

This year the export of copper ore and concentrate generated $ 2 million 70.2 thousand of profit, which is 11.1% less than in January-June 2014. In the first half of this year, a ton of Azerbaijan copper cost $ 1,110.3, whereas a year ago it cost $ 878 more expensive.

The manufacturer of copper ore in Azerbaijan is Anglo-Asian Mining Company, which operates the gold deposits in the west of the country.

In the first half of this year, Azerbaijan produced 784.1 tons of copper ore, which is 2.3 times more than in the first half of 2014. ----08B

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