Azerbaijani banks" total income rose by 36.4%

The total revenue banks operating in Azerbaijan in January-November of last year amounted to 1476.42 million manat, or 194.26 million or 15.1% more than in the same period of the previous year. Non-interest income increased 16.7% to 328.11 million manat.

Bank expenses for the period increased 124.1 million or 12.3% to 1129.47 million manat. Accruals on assets increased compared to January-November 2011 to 23.95 million or 15.4% to 179.72 million manat (with an annual growth of 23.1% of assets).

Turan was told at the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, in the structure of banking income for the reporting period the main part fell on interest income - 77.8%, in the cost - the share of interest payments (52.6%).

Annual profit before tax amounted to 168.18 million manat, which is 38.8% more than in January-November 2011. The total profit of the banking system increased over the year by 36.4% to 151.13 million manat.

For eleven months of the year profitably worked 35 banks, whose total net income amounted to 244.44 million manat. Loss of 8 unprofitable banks totaled 93.31 million manat. Compared to the same period in 2011 the number of profitable banks increased three units. The number of unprofitable banks decreased by four, and the total amount of their losses has increased by 2.7 times. - 15V -


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