Crafty figures of Nakhchivan State Statistics Committee

By July 1 the  Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic  (NAR)  produced 1 billion 14.09 million manat GDP (+2.4%  compared wwith the last year.)

According to the State Statistical Committee (SSC), GDP per capita in the first half amounted to 2 323.8 thousand manats (+2.3% per year). In the GDP the largest share of industry (31.5%), in construction - 22.8%, the rest - other sectors of the economy.

Industrial production is concentrated mainly in the private sector -  438.91 million of the total 471.58 million manat. The rest is the share of the public sector. Investments in fixed assets amounted to 516.28 million manat - increase by 1.6 times during the year.

It is noteworthy that retail turnover in comparison with the first half of 2013 grew by 24%,  income  by 3.4%,  and  the average monthly nominal wages by 2.1%.

The banks and credit organizations in January-June total issued, including business, loans for paltry sum of 2 million 233.8 thousand manats. Incidentally, this is by  2.3 times higher than in the first half of last year. Nominally autonomous population is more than 420,000 people, which means 5 manat credit per person. Even in the poorest countries of Asia and Africa there are not such crafty digits - in fact, it turns out that this autonomy is not even a quarter of the declared population - almost all escaped from Vasif Talibov in Turkey, Iran, partly in Russia, but the majority - in Baku and regions of Azerbaijan.

In the first half of the year the  volume of foreign trade turnover of NAR  amounted to $ 232.42  million (+0.9% per year). Exports in the first half amounted to $ 175.09 million, import - $ 57.331 million. - 17D-

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