Diversification is not helping the company "Gunay sigorta"

Rates of premium income of the insurance company "Gunay sigorta" drop from year to year. However, diversification has allowed "recovering" lost items – VHI and professional liability. In January-December last year, the company collected a total of 454,910 manat, of which the entire amount was voluntary types (structure is not involved in the Bureau of Compulsory Insurance).

Last year during the same period of time the amount of fees totaled 485,290 manat, the record for her in 2008 - 2.28 million manat. Thus, the "dive" for 4 years was almost five-fold.

According to Turan company source, the total delay in the collection of premiums due to the fact that the total insurance portfolio (including the required forms) for more than two-thirds filled by insurance clients' property from fire and other risks. In the last four years in this position, there is a tendency of monopolization - basic "cream" collect fire insurance "Pasha Sigorta" and "AzSigorta". A little behind them is "Qarant Sigorta", indicating that follow the table of family and bureaucratic ranks.

Warnings have played a role, because "Gunay sigorta" little diversified portfolio - for January-December 2012 and this position has collected 205,320 manat (45.1%, or less than half) of premiums. Now, to the founders of the task of strengthening the capitalization and discoveries in the areas of economic and other branches are fully represented - modern local legislation only in this case will unfold.

Hull on automobile insurance collected 132,490 manat, on voluntary health insurance (VHI) - 54 720 AZN on accidents - 10,580 manat. According to a relatively new position - foreign travel insurance collected 3,360 manat.

For general liability collected 10,100 manat, professional liability company brought 21,190 manat, civil liability of vehicle owners - 10,030 manat, cargo insurance - 10,450 manat. In management's opinion, the license for insurance against counterfeit banknotes means the prospect of this position and the next year will strengthen the financial position of the structure.

The company "Gunay sigorta" paid to customers in January-December 2012 140 810 manats, AZN 57,000 less than in the same period of the year before. The entire amount, without exception, has fallen to voluntary insurance.

Hull auto insurance paid to the customers 102,640 manat, insurance of fires and other problems with property paid 5,820 manat, VHI paid 32,080 manat, cases of civil liability of vehicle owners - 210 manat, and insurance of accidents during foreign tours - 103 manats.

This insurance company was founded in 1992 and provides services to 15 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance.

In 2008, the company was granted a license to a perpetual activity.

In August 2010, the Turkish co-owner "Gunay Anadolu sigorta" sold its shares to the local majority, so the word "Anadolu" has fallen off its name.

The authorized capital is 3.55 million manat. The founders of the company are "Gunay Bank" (65,4% of the shares) and two individuals. - 17D-


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