Last land auction of 2012 to be held on December 21

About 200 land plots are exposed to the auction by the municipalities of the country, which is scheduled for December 21 this year - the last bid of 2012. Conducted from April 2009, land sales are largely a formality, as many plots are given in this way to the ownership of their existing users.

Only 22 of the 198 plots of land are offered to investors through auction. The remaining land is offered for sale by tender, when candidates propose amounts in sealed envelopes. In the Absheron branch of the land department they told Turan the municipalities in the area actually deal with the documentation of land granted to legal entities and individuals before 1999 (before local government was established in Azerbaijan). On December 21, 67 plots will be traded.

Not all the land is available as property. Some urban and rural municipalities offer to rent small plots (up to 100 sq. m.) and large ones (up to 68 hectares). The total is 26.

The main part of the land is intended for the construction of private housing (88), and construction of business (84). The remaining lands are under agricultural use. - 08D-


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