Production of iron fittings reduces on the background of rising capacity

In the first half of this year, production of iron fittings in Azerbaijan decreased by 23.7%. According to the State Statistics Committee, over  six months were produced 100.7 thousand tons of reinforcement. According to unofficial data, the only manufacturer of these products in the country is LLC "Baku Steel Company", which tells about production capacity to 1 million tons per year. During commissioning in 2001 a Furnace and production lines allowed  to produce 350 thousand tons of finished products per year. The company does not have problems with sales and therefore,  it is difficult to explain the declining trend in the volume of production, against monopolization of the market of construction fittings.

Over half of the volume of production in metallurgical industry in Azerbaijan amounted to 143.2 million manat, which is by  14.8% less than in the same period of 2013.

According to the State Customs Committee, over the first five months of this year, Azerbaijan imported 77,080.6 tons of iron rods and fittings  at total declared value of $ 44,123,700. --08B--

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