Regime of Work and Rest of Drivers Approved

The Cabinet approved "Rules of the regime of work and rest of drivers engaged in passenger and cargo transportation within the country, especially their working conditions".

The Government has instructed the Ministry of Transport to implement on July 1 this year, vehicles with digital tachometers at the expense of the owners. This office will determine the types of measurement devices for trucks and passenger vehicles. The Ministry of Transport will also exercise control over the implementation of the regime of work and rest of drivers.

The regulation ( will apply to buses with 8 or more seats, buses trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons.

Tachometers will not be installed on intercity buses, intercity buses with a permissible maximum speed of 50 km / hour, cars taxis and vehicles with a permissible maximum speed of 40 km / h.

The duration of drivers’ work for a week cannot be more than 40 hours. If a driver also operates on Wednesdays, the daily duration of work may not exceed 7 hours.

Note that now the drivers of trucks and buses are the most vulnerable workers. The duration of their work for a day is 12 hours. However, many of them only have a rest on Sundays. Experts attribute the frequency of accidents involving passenger buses also to this factor.    -----08D

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