Will employers insure workers against accidents?

Last year, on average, every entrepreneur paid AZN 47 of compulsory insurance for incapacitating individuals from accidents and occupational diseases. Here was also the Ministry of Education with about 150,000 personnel, and even individual entrepreneurs.

In absolute terms, it is 14.9% more than last year, but in reality, basically means concealment of objective data on employers hired employees. According to the Ministry of Taxes, the country has almost 463,000 entrepreneurs (potential employers). Of these, about one fifth of the population provides a real-time. In this case, all of the natural monopolies and business leaders to inspection at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare have already signed contracts with insurance companies.

According to experts, it is time to strengthen the legislative control of such charges, because this will affect your pension, and social congestion budget.

In total, according to the State Insurance Supervision Service of Azerbaijan Finance Ministry, this species in 2012 brought three specialized companies 21,725,460 manat with payments 1,179,050 manats. Compare - total premiums insurers for this type of insurance for 2011 totaled 18,900,720 manat, and payments - 292,380 manat.

The figures show that the most profitable financial direction and the insurance is the same name.

As previously reported, the law "On mandatory insurance of disability of individuals from accidents and occupational diseases" was approved in July 2010. In December 2010, the approval of regulations for the start of service for this type of insurance was completed.

According to the State Insurance Supervision Service of the Ministry of Finance, the payments for this type of insurance totaled 1,096,690 manats, which means a fourfold increase compared to the same period last year.

The Cabinet of Ministers in November 2010 approved the tariffs for compulsory insurance and disability due to accidents at work. According to the decree, all economic activities are divided into 14 levels of risk.

Based on this level of risk, determined the amount of the insurance rate for employees and workers at the plant, which is 0.2% to 2% depending on the risk level of the enterprise. In the state budget for the insurance of persons working in the public and governmental entities and organizations, this type of insurance, starting in 2011, provides for the allocation of 10.03 million manat.

By law, the insurance rate is calculated from the capacity of the wage bill in the enterprise. The law provides for three types of insurance payments: monthly, one-time, and extra. - 17D-


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