Gambar: The responsibility for the attack on the "Musavat" party bear Aliyev and Mehdiyev

 The  attack in Lankaran on the delegation of "Musavat"  party on Sunday is a provocation of the authorities, said the leader of the "Musavat" party, Isa Gambar, at a press conference on Monday at the party office in Baku.

Gambar stated that the trip of his delegation was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the regional organization of the party. The trip was not announced in the media and social networks. However, 10-15 km to Lankaran the motorcade was stopped by traffic police. The checking of documents lasted half an hour.

However, at the entrance to the city a few cars blocked their way.

Approximately 100 people attacked the delegation of "Musavat"; they beat the delegation defending Gambar and damaged cars. To avoid confrontation, the delegation decided to return.

An aggressive crowd pursued a delegation until Bilasuvar region. In this case, an attempt was made to hit Gambar’s car by "KAMAZ". However, the truck only touched the car. Despite informing the law enforcement agencies, the police did not take any measures.

Gambar called a "nonsense" a statement of the Executive Power of Lankaran region and that what had happened was "the angry reaction of families of martyrs."

"This is the attitude of the government to political opponents. This is an attempt of assassination and is a warning to the opposition not to go to the regions," said Gambar. He blamed President Ilham Aliyev and the head of his administration Ramiz Mehdiyev for the matter.

"If it is not, then let them legally prove the opposite," said Gambar. Pointing to the feedback on social networks of residents of Lankaran, that they are ashamed of this provocation, Gambar said, "Let the power be ashamed." He reported that the association of intellectuals of Lankaran invited him to the region, and he accepted the invitation. 

Gambar said that next time, security measures will be strengthened, and journalists will be invited. "The authorities will not be able to force us to turn from the way. We will win," said Gambar. -05C06-


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