The first "victim" of a fine for participating in unauthorized rally

On Monday the Nasimi and Sabail district court of Baku fined the youth activists for taking part in an unauthorized protest on January 12 in Baku. Thus, the courts fined 16 activists between 300 and 600 manat, including members of the Popular Front, "Musavat", movements «Nida», "Free Youth", etc.

The head of the Legal Enlightenment Socoety, Intigam Aliyev, who coordinated the protection of the rights of these activists, criticized the decisions of the courts.

"International law states that if a person is involved in an uncoordinated protest, but did not allow the violence, his arrest, his detainment and charging him with a fine is a violation of freedom of assembly.

Therefore, detention and delivery to the police, to the courts and the use of high fines is indicative  following of human rights by the authorities of Azerbaijan," said Intigam Aliyev.

On the other hand, the use of such huge fines, far exceed the monthly earnings of the punished,  and is a new tactic of the authorities. "The arrests do not give the desired effect, activists are not afraid of it. In addition, arrests cause a resonance. Authorities believe the penalties can be an effective measure," said Aliyev.

What will happen if  young people refuse to pay fines? Answering this question, Aliyev said that theoretically they cannot file lawsuits aginst them. However, even if activists want to pay the fines, it is unaffordable.

Penalties are inadequate to the average standard of living and will be indicated in appeals, Aliyev said."Young people refused to pay the fines, and do not think that the government will  impriosn them. 

On the other hand, if it is necessary, society itself will undertake the payment of fines, which will be a message to the authorities that people do not agree and condemn both the courts and the power itself. Youth is preparing counterclaims against the police for using violence against peaceful protests. Each process itself becomes a protest," said Aliyev.

Remember the amendments on manifold increase of penalties for illegal meetings were adopted in the autumn of last year, and came into effect on January 1, 2013. One of the heads of the movement  "Free Youth" Ulvi Hasanli, said Turan, he was not going to pay the fine, and will file an appeal.

Another head of the youth department of PPFA Abulfaz Gurbanli said ironically that may be to collect 5-10 kopecks and pay to embarrass the authorities and that the people were not afraid to participate in public meetings.–16D06--


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