Ali Karimli on the conditions of dialogue with the authorities

Baku/12.03.20/Turan: The dialogue with the authorities can only be substantive, specific issues should be discussed. Otherwise, it is an imitation. The leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Karimli wrote about this on his facebook page.

He accused the authorities of not being sincere in the issue of dialogue with the opposition. By offering the PFPA leader, without any preliminary explanations, dialogue, the authorities had the goal of "reviving the tale of reform." The authorities use the rejection of the pseudo-dialogue as an occasion for criticizing and presenting the Popular Front Party as “radicals opposed to reform.”

“We did not run to the meeting, but did not refuse it. If the government’s initiative on dialogue is serious, then the topic should be defined and the rules of subordination must be observed,” Karimli said.

The Popular Front Party proposed to delegate the deputy chair of the party Seymour Khazi to a meeting with the head of the presidential administration Adalat Veliyev to discuss:

1. Release of political prisoners;

2. Ensuring freedom of assembly;

3. Implementation of electoral reform;

4. Holding new elections;

5. Discussion of the Karabakh problem and state security issues.

In the case of preliminary arrangements, the dialogue can be continued at a higher level. However, the authorities perverted the essence of the PFPA proposal and presented it as a refusal.

Karimli also commented on the statement by Ilham Aliyev that the Popular Front Party is a “marginal” group of the “circle” type. If this were so, then the authorities would not be afraid of the PFPA, and would not prevent it from holding rallies, would not disconnect the Internet and cellular communications during the rallies, would not introduce armored vehicles to the city center.

A large part of the people in opposition to the authorities demand radical reforms, concluded Ali Karimli.-06D-


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