At last forensic examination os Ilgar Nasibov is conducted (UPDATED)

On the afternoon on Monday in Nakhchivan  was  a forensic examination  of the human rights activist and journalist Ilgar Nasibov  who was severely beaten on August  21.

According to Malahat Nasibova, Ilgar’s wife,  the conclusion given by doctors reflects Ilgar’s injury.

"I asked the investigator, when we will be told the results of the investigation? He said that the results of the investigation will be known in a week," she said.

At the same time, she said that the results of tomography of Ilgar’s head were sent to international organizations.  According to the conclusion by foreign doctors, he suffers from strong concussion and  cannot move. It is possible that  he will be sent a physician.

The U.S. Embassy was also interested in Ilgar’s health. A representative of the American mission said that the Embassy   is closely monitoring the situation.-16B-

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2014 August 25 (Monday) 11:58:47

Three days after the brutal beating in Nakhchivan of the human rights activist Ilgar Nasibov, the police have not opened a criminal investigation into the matter. Moreover, they have not yet carried out the required forensic examination, Turan was told by his wife, Malahat Nasibova.

According to her, the police refused to inform her of the results of the investigation, and to institute criminal proceedings.

Regarding the state of Ilgar, it remains stable heavy. Given the situation in Nakhchivan, and for safety reasons, the wife has found it necessary to continue treatment at home rather than in hospital.

In connection with the actual refusal of the authorities to investigate this crime, Malahat Nasibova does not preclude filing a complaint against the police.

Meanwhile, US Senator Ben Cardin responded to the Nasibov beating case. On his Facebook page, he called on the Azerbaijani government to fully investigate the beating.

'The terrible beating of Ilgar Nasibov, director of the Nakhchivan Resource Center in Azerbaijan, must be condemned and thoroughly investigated by the Government of Azerbaijan. Mr. Nasibov has worked for years as a journalist to promote human rights and rule of law in his own country and we will stand with him, "Cardin said.

Recall that the police in Nakhchivan stated that the reason for the beating was a household conflict between him and a citizen Farid Askerov.

Malahat Nasibova called this assertion a "lie". In her opinion, the attack on Ilgar was revenge by the authorities to destroy the work of the Resource Center for Democracy in Nakhchivan, which is headed by the Nasibovs couple. -16B-

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