Bad luck island ...

Nakhchivan  is a  sample of European city, with complete order and cleanliness.  This how this place was characterized by a member of parliament, a native of the region and the deputy chairman of the ruling party in response to the accusations of human rights violations in Nakhchivan.

For many years, when the authorities of the region  persecuted the press and human rights activists, Azerbaijan was subjected to fierce international criticism. At the same time, it was not  clear  why Baku tolerates this situation and the orders  established in the region?

Unable to find a reasonable answer, some  people  are inclined to the idea that the regime keeps this region for itself, as an alternate airfield to  take refuge in  case of  loss of power in Baku.

Though this idea is fantastic,  it is hard to  find another explanation.

No wonder  why the human rights activist Malahat Nasibova called Nakhchivan "laboratory" where the most repressive methods of suppressing human rights and freedoms are tested , and then are applied  to the rest of the country.

People visiting Nakhchivan  are surprised not only with the  cleanliness and order, but also  with the fact that there is an extremely small population. Many  people cannot stand the "European level",   and leave the region, move to  Baku and other countries.

In this case, it appears that the internal policy of the country is largely determined and resolved in Nakhchivan, because  those methods and practice  are  increasingly applied in the capital.

The latest wave of repression against civil society, and the mass arrests of human rights defenders and activists testify in favor of such an assumption. If so, then the citizens should  be ready to  accept the rule not to collect for three people, not to visit tea-houses after 10 pm, all civil servants  must attend  “subbotnik” (Saturdays- when  all  are involved in cleaning works), and foreigners, including diplomats, will be deported from the country without explanation.

  The latest methods by the government  have been expressed in the fact that human rights activist, beaten to death, is  accused  of fighting with a  drunken  companion, and the local police refused to  file a lawsuit.

Under  such a situation  there is only one pleasing  moment  - it is a great happiness, that there is no oil in Nakhchivan. It's hard to imagine what would  happen there is  there are  hydrocarbons ...

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