Candidates for Deputies Announce Obstacles by Election Administrations

Baku / 04.01.20/ Turan: Togrul Veliyev, a candidate for deputy in the special parliamentary elections from the Movement bloc in the 23rd Nasimi-Sabail constituency, announced the artificial obstacles created by the district election commission (DEC) for registering him.

In an interview with a Turan correspondent, he said that he was invited to the DEC on January 4, where the chairman of the commission told him that out of the 488 signatures of the voters submitted to him, 42 were invalid.

Thus, 446 of the required 450 were valid.

As it turned out, “invalid” signatures were revealed by the “system”.

According to Veliyev, in the DEC he was told that the persons whose signatures were declared invalid were not registered at the place of residence in this district.

“I offered to check with me. And the first three people were identified on the voter lists. It’s just that they (the commission’s experts) didn’t “drive” the names of voters into the system correctly. So, instead of Romanenko they typed Romenenko or instead of Huseynova Tamila they typed Huseynovatamila. After that, the check was stopped,” Veliyev said.

He noted that he was told that a decision would be made on Monday.

“However, according to the head of the DEC, according to the conclusion of experts, the decision will be “negative”. Then the chairman asked questions that were not relevant to the topic. He concluded by saying that "the working group will check again." As a result of the meeting, they didn’t give me any document, and I didn’t understand why they called me to the DEC,” Veliyev added.

In the DEC of the 23rd Nasimi-Sabail District, Turan was told that a decision on the Veliyev case has not yet been taken. “Veliyev was probably called by the chairman. And now he is in the CEC,” the DEC said.

In turn, the human rights activist Elshan Hasanov, who is running for parliament in the 27th Sabunchu second district from the party United Azerbaijan, can’t get signature lists for collecting signatures.

At first, the International Bank OJSC delayed him with opening an account. And now, according to Hasanov, the DEC does not issue subscription lists.

“Today they again refused to issue my signature sheets, under the pretext that the chairman was not in place. But by law, the presence of the chairman is not necessary. I sent a telegram to the CEC,” Hasanov said. —21B-


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