Croatia Requests Investments

Following talks between the presidents of Azerbaijan and Croatia - Ilham Aliyev and Ivo Josipovic in Zagreb on Monday the Declaration on Strategic Partnership between Azerbaijan and Croatia was signed.

The Declaration reflects the mutual support of the territorial integrity of the two countries.
"Azerbaijan and Croatia are in regions where there are serious problems. Both countries are interested in establishing stability and security in the Caucasus, and in the south-east of Croatia.
Croatia supports peaceful resolution of conflicts related to the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and other territories. We stand for the application of international law and the peaceful settlement," said Josipovic at a briefing after the talks.
The talks focused on the development of energy cooperation and investment.
As noted by Aliyev, Azerbaijan advanced projects such TANAP project and its successful implementation will facilitate the supply of Azerbaijani gas to Europe. "Naturally, Croatia will become our closest partner in this direction," he said.
Aliyev said Azerbaijan's investment opportunities in various sectors of the economy of Croatia, including tourism, technology, industry, real estate, energy.
In turn, Josipovic said that Croatia is interested in cooperation in the energy sector.
"In Croatia, there are many proposals to Azerbaijan. It is above all, shipbuilding and ship repair yards, the implementation of signed agreements in this area will begin soon. On the other hand, there are infrastructure projects on railways. Croatia produces excellent railway cars. This was also one of the subjects in our negotiations," he said.
The parties also agreed to establish a joint intergovernmental commission to solve all economic problems.  During Aliyev’s visit to Croatia a joint business forum was held. -06D-

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