E.Suleymanov: Azerbaijan temporarily will not be in the " Euronest "

The head of the Azerbaijani delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly "Euronest " (" Eastern Partnership"), Elkhan Suleymanov, made ​​demarche on the eve of the meeting of the Bureau of this structures in Kiev.

Sulejmanov expressed protest against paragraph 32 of the European Parliament resolution of 23 October ,  in which was expressed criticism  with the presidential elections in Azerbaijan on the basis of the observation mission of the OSCE ODIHR .

Then Suleymanov said that such a position is contrary to the  conclusions of the observation mission of the European Parliament. He  condemned some members of the European Parliament: Leonidas Donskis (Lithuania), Ulrike Lunachev (Austria), Anna Gomes ( Portugal), and Gerben Jan Gerbrandina  of anti-Azerbaijani campaign.

"Our message to the European Parliament is that before you attack others,  bring order in your own  house. We reproach the European Parliament for a situation it  has found itself as an international institution," said Suleimanov.

He further warned that Azerbaijan has to think of the revision of the cooperation with the PA "Euronest" until the reasons for inclusion in the European Parliament resolution of 32 points are investigated, and  relevant measures are taken. 

Azerbaijan will  suspend its participation in the PA "Euronest" during the co-chairmanship of Armenia , which has occupied Azerbaijani lands.

Concluding his speech , Sulejmanov left the courtroom, reads the office of the deputy.

Immediately after the adoption of the resolution of the European Parliament, Suleymanov informed  about the suspension of Azerbaijan's participation in this structure.

However, later,  the speaker  of parliament Oktay Asadov disavowed that statement , and Sulejmanov was sent to Kiev for the PA Bureau "Euronest."

Now Suleymanov said that Azerbaijan will suspend its participation in the " Euronest " during the co-chairmanship of Armenia.

It is noteworthy the resolution of European Parliament expressed support for UN Security Council resolutions demanding unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied Azerbaijani lands. But apparently Suleymanov and his bosses are more concerned about criticism of elections by  the European Parliament, rather than support for Azerbaijan's position on the primary problem of the country.—06D-


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