Human rights activists condemn blackmail activists PPFA

Monitoring group of human rights organizations at today's press conference, condemned the invasion in  privacy of the PPFA  activists Kamala Halilova (Bananyarly.)

Human rights activist Novella Jafaroglu called "meanness" placing on Internet video scene showing her personal relationship with another person. It is a violation of the honor, dignity, and human rights  are going to support her, if Bananyary raise the question about the origin of this movie, and that who posted it said Jafaroglu.

Earlier, such videos often appeared on the Internet and they reflected the intimate life of opposition civil society activists. According to rumors, the authorities have a similar dirty material against  several opposition leaders and journalists. By blackmailing them with such material, the authorities obtained  a sudden transition of some ardent opposition members to the side of the authorities, and the transformation of some well-known journalists from  the most active critics of the authorities into their supporters , or people loyal to  them.-05C04-

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