Baku/06.05.22/Turan: We are very pleased with the level of partnership between FAO and Azerbaijan. The agreement signed seven years ago actually created a new format for our cooperation. We hope that in the coming years we will continue this fruitful partnership, especially now - at this difficult time, when issues related to food security are becoming increasingly important for every country, including for Azerbaijan, stated on May 6  President Ilham Aliyev, receiving Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) GU Dongyun in a video format.

According to the head of state, despite the growth in exports of agricultural products, Azerbaijan still imports agricultural products. "So I think it's important in terms of discussing our future plans for food security, overall regional development and meeting new challenges."

The President also touched upon his plans for the development of agriculture in the territories liberated from occupation. "As a result of the liberation of Azerbaijani territories from occupation, we are currently at the active stage of developing these lands in terms of developing infrastructure, including agriculture. Because the agricultural potential in the territories liberated from occupation is really very large. This territory has a diverse nature, climatic zones and the opportunity to significantly increase our production for both local consumption and for export. We are currently in the planning stage for the development of agriculture in the liberated territories, and therefore your valuable recommendations will be highly appreciated.

Aliyev noted that the development of agriculture in Azerbaijan is one of the priorities for the government. “Because, firstly, food security is now more important for every country, perhaps than it was a few years ago. The second question for us is that this is a significant part of our growing non-primary exports. Over the three months of this year, growth in non-primary exports in Azerbaijan accounted for 45 percent. Of course, this is important in terms of employment, because almost half of our population lives in rural areas. Therefore, for these people, agriculture is the main source of income."

The head of state stressed that Azerbaijani farmers are exempt from any taxes, including land tax. "We also provide low-interest soft loans to farmers. All this creates opportunities for the rapid development of agriculture. But, of course, we must plan everything correctly and apply modern technologies, especially now, after the liberation of the territories from occupation."

Director General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization Gu Dongyu said that Azerbaijan is a unique country. “I am very pleased to be in your country for a visit, not only because you are in a unique position, but also because there is great potential for the development of food systems and agriculture. Agro-e-commerce or digital agriculture is of particular importance. economy and food, as well as digital rural development, which are also strongly supported by your side.I would like to promote these initiatives around the world and share them with countries like Azerbaijan."—0—


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