Baku/22.01.22 / Turan: The statement of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is a continuation of his previous statement about deoligarchism in the economy, which he announced earlier, Gubad Ibadoglu, a senior analyst at the Center for Economic Research, said, commenting on the Turan news agency, the speech of the Kazakh leader at a meeting on Thursday in Nur-Sultan with business representatives.

“He is forced to make reforms, especially in the field of creating healthy competition and transparency. I think he needs to stay in power. Although the biggest threat to his rule has now been overcome, people are still not completely satisfied with what is happening, they are waiting for new steps that will improve their social life. Therefore, Tokayev supplemented the basic principles of the new economic policy with the tax honesty of business and the social responsibility of entrepreneurs,” the expert said.

Gubadoglu noted that in fact the indicators of competition, economic freedom and transparency in Kazakhstan were better than in Azerbaijan before. In the reports of international ratings for 2020, Kazakhstan was 4 notches ahead of Azerbaijan in terms of economic freedom, 23 notches in the global competition index, 35 notches in the corruption index, and 44 notches in 2019 in terms of the budget deficit index.

“This means that the basis for reforms in Kazakhstan is better than ours. Therefore, such steps are important in today's difficult conditions in order to win the trust of the people,” he said.

On the other hand, according to the analyst, Kazakhstan needs such steps to maintain the interest of foreign investors, in particular, it is necessary to attract Chinese capital for the modernization and innovation of the economy.

Currently, Kazakhstan is experiencing a peak oil production period, producing about 100 million tons of oil per year, using oil and gas revenues in an environment of high market prices, it is possible to create good financial support for reforms.

"Therefore, such steps are necessary for such leaders with fragile power as Tokayev in order to achieve the main goal - to fill the void created as a result of deoligarchization, and also to gain public recognition," Gubadoglu said. –0—


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