J. Hasanli: Mehdiyev cannot teach others patriotism

National interests should be protected not only by the press, but also the power structure. Moreover, the format of these interests cannot be determined by the power. This opinion was expressed by the head of the National Council Jamil Hasanli, commenting on the speech of the head of the Presidential Administration of the need to protect the public interest by the media.

If we talk about the protection of state and national interests, it should be governed by the laws of the state, and not start from a position or interests of the government.

"As for the betrayal of the motherland and the people, the biggest betrayal is the corruption of the authorities of the country, part of whose territory is occupied,” said Hasanli.

The power, wishing to protect national interests, would not thrown into prison a person like Leyla Yunus and would not create such an "army" of political prisoners.

Returning to the meeting chaired by Mehdiyev, Hasanli noted that it was attended by the media, which have no influence on public opinion. "What kind of public influence could be talked about, if the Internet site of the printed organ of the ruling party is visited only by seven people a day?" said Jamil Hasanli. -05B04-

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