Opposition Refused to Hold Rally for Eighth Time

Baku / 02.05.19 / Turan: The Executive Power of Baku did not allow the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) to hold rallies on May 5 and 11 at the Mehsul Stadium.

This was announced by a member of the NCDF Coordination Center Ilham Huseyn.

According to him, the Mayor's office considered it "inappropriate" to hold the actions, citing violations of the law during the January 19 rally.

Huseyn noted that the rally was planned under the slogans: "Freedom to political prisoners!", "No to robbery!", "Return illegally withdrawn money to the country", etc.

Commenting on the refusal of the authorities, Huseyn called it an indicator of confusion within the government and a collapse of the declared reforms.

"The authorities have already refused to allow an opposition rally for the 8th time. This means a violation of the obligations to the Council of Europe to ensure freedom of assembly. Of course, we will go to court, and if there is no fair decision, then we will bring the matter to the Strasbourg court," said Huseyn. -06D-

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