Rustamkhanly: Be ready to the inevitable collapse of the Tehran regime

Co-Chair of the World Azerbaijanis Congress (WAC), MP Sabir Rustamkhanly was in the USA from April 23 to May 2. "During the meeting we have witnessed an increase in U.S. interest in South Azerbaijan," said Rustamkhanly at today's press conference.

At the meetings in the State Department and Congress we focused on issues of Karabakh and  South Azerbaijan. Rustamkhanly suggested that the USA increase tele-radio broadcasting to Iran  in the Azerbaijani language.  This issue was thoroughly discussed  with the  Congressman Rohrabacher.

"They will not disclose the details of the negotiations, but the results probably will be announced in the near future," said Rustamkhanly.

  He also said he opposed the so-called "Middle East Project", which involves the creation of a Kurdistan state in the territories of Iraq, Turkey and Iran (South Azerbaijan.)

Rustamkhanly called on official Baku and the public of the Northern and Southern Azerbaijan to be prepared for such a scenario.

The meetings  in the USA  were attended by Mahmudali Chehreganly, the leader of the Southern Azerbaijani Movement of National Awakening. Rustamkhanly condemned the ban on Chehreganly’s entry to Azerbaijan and  Turkey.-05C06- 


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