State Security Service (SSS) reported the destruction of two suspected terrorists

Baku / 05.11.18 / Turan: On November 4, during a special operation in the city of Ganja, two suspected terrorists were killed, announced on Sunday by Center for Public Relations of the State Security Service (SSS). The operation was carried out in connection with the confirmation of information that "members of the radical religious extremist group Famil Fazil oglu Alekperov and Rustam Rafael oglu Rzayev bought weapons and explosives in order to carry out terrorist acts on the territory of the country." The security forcers stopped the car in which Rzayev and Alekperov were stationed. However, they put up armed resistance by opening fire on representatives of the special services. As a result of the response, Alekperov and Rzayev were. One Kalashnikov assault rifle, an F1 hand grenade, was discovered and seized. In addition, in the car of Alekperov, three TNT drafts were found, each weighing 200 grams; three electronic detonators to them were also removed. In fact, a lawsuit has been filed, investigative measures are being continued operatively, according to the conclusion of the press release of the Public Relations DSS of the State Security Service. In July-August of this year, according to law enforcement agencies, in the framework of measures to investigate criminal cases of the attempted assassination of the former head of Ganja Elmar Veliyev and the subsequent unrest in this city, 5 people were killed while providing armed resistance. -06D--

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