Support of Azerbaijan by Youth Summit of OIC

A new summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation opened in Istanbul. On the eve the forum of OIC Youth Summit completed, Its members expressed support for Azerbaijan.

 The event was organized by the OIC Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation, together with the OIC.

  At the closing ceremony the head of the Youth Forum of the OIC Elshad Isgandarov said that the summit was attended by about 200 young leaders from 57 member countries of the OIC, the Muslim minority of non-Muslim countries, 8 of Youth and Sports Ministers, 6 heads of international organizations, as well as a number of renowned scientific and public figures and experts in the world. The result of two days of panel discussions in the working groups was the adoption of Youth Strategy, which reflects the basic parameters and principles for the development of youth policy in the OIC countries.

ISESCO Director General Abdulaziz Altwaijri praised the first Youth Summit of the OIC, noting the role of Turkey and Azerbaijan in the preparation of the final declaration.

During the event, about 200 young leaders from the OIC countries and international organizations expressed particular support for Azerbaijan, which is taking steps to restore its territorial integrity. -02D-

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