Фото из открытых источников

Фото из открытых источников

Baku / 07.07.17 / Turan: The spouse of the journalist Afgan Mukhtarly, who was kidnapped in Tbilisi, and then delivered to a Baku prison, claims that she is being bugged.

On 7 July Leyla Mustafayeva held a press conference in Tbilisi. She stated that she has been bugged almost everywhere.

"A few days ago we were sitting with friends in a restaurant. After a while we noticed that there is a bag on our table. When we asked the restaurant staff about it, an unknown person took a bag and ran away," said Laila Mustafayeva, assuming that the bag was put on the table to record their conversation.

She expressed her assumption about the bugging at a meeting with the leaders of the political parties of Azerbaijan, who recently visited Georgia.

Leyla Mustafayeva informed the police about her concern about wiretapping.

"I informed the Georgian police, apparently , do not want to deal with this matter."

Leyla Mustafayeva recalled that the case of her husband is being considered by the European Court.

According to her, intensive correspondence exists between lawyers and the court. -0-

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