Ali Hasanov: Israel Is Our Strategic Partner

The relations between Azerbaijan and Israel, both in bilateral, regional and international relations, are strategic cooperation. This was stated by head of the Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov in an interview with American newspaper «Forum daily».

"In the political sphere, we note the mutual understanding and friendly relations between the leaders of our countries. We are actively cooperating in the economic sphere, focusing on energy supplies advanced technology, military, telecommunications, agriculture and other areas. Also play an important role of socio-cultural, spiritual and human relations between our peoples, non-governmental organizations, the media, as well as Diaspora organizations," Hasanov said.

In his view, there is a great potential for development and cooperation in regional and international affairs.

At the same time, Hasanov noted with regret that "from time to time can be traced attempts by some international forces disorder that relationship."

"But we are confident that such attempts will result. We also hope that the biased anti-Azerbaijani articles published recently in several Israeli newspapers, not taken seriously any official circles or the public in Israel," continued Hasanov.

Can Azerbaijan to become a bridge between the State of Israel and the Muslim world? In answering this question, Hasanov said that Azerbaijan, which is part of the Islamic world, has simultaneously friendships as with all Islamic countries, and with Israel. "I believe that this practice can last model in the bilateral relations between civilizations,"said Hasanov.

Azerbaijan, if necessary, can contribute to the strengthening of peace and stability in the Middle East between Israel and the Islamic world, he said.

What is the position of the Jewish community in Azerbaijan today, and how does this community on the Azerbaijani-Israeli relations?

In answering this question Hasanov said that the Jews, as well as representatives of other peoples and ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan have always been full members of society, never felt alienated. "The village of Krasnaya Sloboda in the Guba region of Azerbaijan, with the exception of the State of Israel, is the only place of compact settlement of Jews in the world. I can say with certainty that the Jews of Azerbaijan, in contrast to the Jews living in Armenia, almost never experienced any anti-Semitism. Even in periods of acute outbreaks of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment in other countries in Azerbaijan to maintain friendly relations to Jews," Hasanov said.

The Jewish community is represented in parliament - Yevda Abramov is the deputy chairman of the Human Rights Commission of the Parliament.

Registered in Azerbaijan and there are about twenty socio-cultural and charitable Jewish organizations: "House of the Jews," Society "Azerbaijan-Israel", the Association of Jewish Women of Azerbaijan, "Center for Jewish Culture", as well as branch of the international Jewish organization "Jewish Agency" and others.

Currently, the capital of Azerbaijan, as well as in the cities of Guba and Oguz has seven synagogues. In 2003 and 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan at the expense of the state two new synagogues were built and opened. Annually from the state budget of Azerbaijan Jewish religious community stands out financial aid.

The first Jewish kindergarten was opened and provided with modern equipment. In Baku and Guba there are 5 Jewish schools, with an enrollment of about 1,500 students. On the basis of secondary school number 46 in Baku, classes for the study of Hebrew, Jewish culture and history have been opened.

Since 2003, in Baku there is a private Jewish school, and at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Baku State University the curriculum includes the teaching of Hebrew. -03D06-

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