Самира Агаева

Самира Агаева

Baku / 07.09.18 / Turan: The financial situation and morale of families of political prisoners are depressing. It is particularly difficult for families living in the districts. This was stated in an interview with Turan by the human rights activist Samira Agayeva.

The spouses of many political prisoners do not work and they are housewives.

Totally there are 13 thousand people in Azerbaijan in places of detention. Their provision is carried out at the expense of the state. First of all, it concerns nutrition. However, in reality, prisoners receive neither quality food nor medical assistance. At the same time, 8-9 euros are allocated daily for the maintenance of each prisoner.

Is there material and moral assistance to the families of political prisoners? Answering this question, Agayeva said that assistance to the families of political prisoners is provided only at the expense of the funds collected within the framework of public actions - for example, actions to collect books, or school supplies for children of political prisoners, Agayeva noted.

According to her, the psychological state of the political prisoners is difficult. They, as a rule, are kept in harsh conditions, such as in Prisons 13 and 14 located near stone quarries.

According to the prisoners, they are not provided with medical assistance, their food is at a low level and prepared from non-quality products. Therefore, prisoners are forced to rely on the help of their families.

Political prisoners are subject to pressure in prison. At the same time, family members suffer. Almost every political prisoner has young children, schoolchildren. Some of them cannot go to school due to their difficult financial situation. The families have no means to visit prisoners and transfer foods to them.

Simultaneously, family members are under pressure and they are fired from their jobs. There were cases when relatives relinquished publicly of political prisoners and these statements were published in the press.

According to the Center for the Protection of Political Prisoners in Azerbaijan, there are currently 149 political prisoners.

The civil society working group on compilation of the list of political prisoners on September 1 unveiled the names of 128 people, and two more remain under monitoring. Amnesty International acknowledged 10 of them as "prisoners of conscience".

The Azerbaijani authorities reject the presence of political prisoners in the country. -06D-

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