Лейла Мустафаева. Eurasianet

Лейла Мустафаева. Eurasianet

Baku/22.07.17/Turan: "The police liquidated almost all the facts important for the fair disclosure of the case, and then handed the case over to the prosecutor's office," stated Leyla Mustafayeva, the wife of the arrested journalist Aflan Mukhtarly, commenting on the resignation of the heads of counterintelligence departments of the State Border Guard Service and the National Security Service. She expressed dissatisfaction with the progress of the investigation.

"It does not matter for us how many officials will be dismissed from office. Nothing is done for the investigation and this is reality. I am sure that everyone knows well how all this happened, they have important evidence, but they are not disclosed," said Laila Mustafayeva. She added that she and lawyers Anvar Mukhtarly were told about the start of an investigation in the case in the prosecutor's office.

On July 20, in connection with the Afgan Mukhtarli"s case, the leaders of the counter-intelligence agencies of the State Border Service and the National Security Service of Georgia were temporarily removed. This was not unequivocally met by Georgian media organizations. A parliamentary investigation group should be created

The Georgian organization Charter of Journalistic Ethics stated that the reality is the absence of any progress in the kidnapping of the journalist.

"For us, a clear and clear answer to the question is why no one saw the kidnapping of Afgan Mukhtarly and his transfer from Tbilisi to Baku," said Nata Jzvelishvili, the organization's executive director. According to her, journalistic associations insist on the establishment of a parliamentary investigation team in the case of Afgan Mukhtarly.

As is known, yesterday Interior Minister Georgy Mgebrishvili suspended the heads of the counterintelligence departments of the State Border Guard Service and the State Security Service in connection with the case of journalist Afgan Mukhtarly. In addition, the investigation into the kidnapping of Afgan Mukhtarly was transferred from the police to the prosecutor's office. -0--

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