Azerbaijan improves position in the ranking of the UN Human Development

Azerbaijan ranks  76th place in the report  released by the United Nations "On human development 2014", in which the organization compared the 187 countries on the human development index. Thus, Azerbaijan has improved its position by six points since  2013, when it ranked  the 82nd.

 While calculating the index are taken into account the average life expectancy in the country, education level, health status, access to education, the gross national income and GDP per capita, and other data. According to the report, the average life expectancy in Azerbaijan is 70.8 years.

However, in terms of GDP, Azerbaijan still lags behind the average of the standard $ 17 per thousand. During the reported year, GDP per capita was $8,000. The first five places in the ranking occupy Norway, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA, according to Caucasian knot. -0 –

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