Explosion and Fire in Baku

Baku / 07/25/17 / Turan: Last night in the Khatai district of Baku there was an explosion at the address: Samed Bey Mehmandarov Street, 122-128, the Emergencies Ministry reports.

The fire began on the grass in front of the nine-storey building and spread to the first floor. Saeed Yuzbekov and Mehriban Hasanova living on the first floor tried to put out the fire. At that moment, for an unknown reason, an explosion occurred on the heating line. As a result, both were injured and hospitalized in City Clinical Hospital No.3.

Firefighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations extinguished the fire. The causes of the fire are investigated.

In Hospital No. 3 they said Saeed Yuzbekov was allowed to go home, because his wounds were not bad. However, Mehriban Hasanova is in intensive care with various bodily injuries. Her state of health is improving. -0---

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