From E. Gahraman First Demanded Evidence of His Links with F. Gulen

In the Baku Court of Grave Crimes on December 21, chaired by Azad Medzhidov started a judicial investigation in the case of an activist of NIDA Elgiz Gahraman.

At the trial the indictment was read, according to which Gahraman was "found" on the street with a bag of 3.315 grams of heroin and was going to use drugs "for personal use".

At the same time, the police accused the activist of drug trafficking on a large scale.

Gahraman at the trial denied the charges and said he confessed under torture.

After being detained during a raid on an apartment Gahraman was planted books by Said Nursi - Turkish theologian, founder of the current Nursism.

Then from Gahraman they demanded to confess that he is being an advocate of Gülen (follower of nursism) and supported the attempt of coup in Turkey in July this year and would like a repeat of the same in Azerbaijan. When he said no, they began to beat him with a truncheon on the head, genitals and legs.

Gahraman was forced to give written confession about it, as well as to voice their front of the camera.

"But later they decided not to press on charges in connection with Gülen. But in the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime I was subjected to humiliating treatment, which I do not want to talk about here. Still not clear to me are the reasons for my arrest. In my posts there were no insults. Friends jokingly called me Elgiz bashgan (Leader Elgiz). Perhaps because of this, they have concluded that I am in charge of some big organization," then said Gahraman in court.

Further on the process testimony of the witnesses for the prosecution were heard: employees of the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime (GUBOP), Kamila Mammadova and Mehman Teymurov, Rashad Musayev and Tural Rasulov.

The defense petitioned to call additional witnesses – the head of the department GUBOP Kerim Alimardanov and the chief security officer Shahlar Jafarov. For, according to Gahraman, these persons were subjected to torture.

The Court granted the request and scheduled the next hearing for 26 December. -06D--

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