Kürdəxanı təcridxanası

Kürdəxanı təcridxanası

Baku / 08.07.17 / Turan: The health of the arrested deputy chairman of the People's Front Party Gezal Bayramli and journalist Afgan Mukhtarly continues to deteriorate, and the head of the Internet resource "Kanal 13" Aziz Orujov is not allowed meetings with his family, reported to RadioAzadliq a lawyer Elchin Sadigov who visited them in the Baku pre-trial detention center.

In the pre-trial detention center they did not create conditions for the treatment of Afgan Mukhtarly. Because of the lack of hot food, pains in the stomach increased. There is no possibility to store food in the refrigerator, due to lack of space. He is not allowed to talk on the phone with relatives who are in Georgia, said the lawyer.

Gezal Bayramli had serious problems in the joints of her legs, which were swollen. There are no conditions for treatment. She is given only painkillers, which affects the stomach.

According to the lawyer, Gezal Bayramli is not allowed to communicate even with her lawyers, so next week she will start a hunger strike if she is not allowed to talk on the phone with whom she wishes.

As for Aziz Orudjov, so far there have been no investigative actions in his case, and he is simply isolated. -0-

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