Gyulaliyev Released, but Summoned to Sabirabad Police (UPDATED)

The human rights defender,  EİTİ Coalition Board Member Ogtay Gyulalyev was released from the 37th police station on the evening of June 23 after he was made to sign a commitment to visit the Sabirabad police in a compulsory way until June 27. The human rights activist told Turan IA.

In the 37th police station he was told he was not on the wanted list, but banned from leaving the country. "Then I do not understand why I was detained in ASAN Khidmet. They could simply say there is a ban on my exit from the country. It turns ASAN is a system of total surveillance of citizens, and not for services.

As soon as I presented my documents, the police appeared and took me to the police precinct at ASAN Khidmet," said Gyulaliyev.

"All the terms of the criminal investigation that started 4 years ago have long gone. The matter had to stop, or to be transferred to the court," said Gyulaliyev.

The human rights activist has repeatedly appealed to the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office, but never received a reply to the question if the criminal case was discontinued. -06B--

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2016 June 23 (Thursday) 16:33:13

The coordinator of the Public Alliance Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners,  EİTİ Coalition Board Member Ogtay Oktay Gyulalyev was taken to the 37th police station on June 23 in the afternoon. This happened after he applied for a passport to the ASAN service. There Gyulaliyev was claimed that he is wanted by the police in the Sabirabad region, and they notified the local police.

Recall that Gyulaliyev was wanted and arrested on charges of incitement to disobey the authorities and riots (220.2 of the Criminal Code). It was back in April 2012. It was fabricated in the Sabirabad police on the initiative of the district executive power and high corrupt officials in the capital.

However, after the intervention of the President's Administration, he was released by the Sabirabad District Court on June 13 of that year.

At the time of his arrest Gyulalyev was the coordinator of the Civil Society Staff Kura, which is engaged in the protection of the rights of the victims of eight districts in the flood area.

The Staff revealed embezzlement and abuse of officials in hundreds of millions of dollars in the course of removing the effects of flooding under the auspices of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Because of this, members of the Staff were persecuted - several activists were arrested and later released.

However, all of the official request of the Staff on corruption and abuse and the artificial nature of the floods to the high state bodies did not receive proper investigation, and the Gyulaliyev case is not closed still against the law. At the trial on June 13, 2012 the people that slandered Gyulaliyev acknowledged that they gave false evidence against him.

However, in the period 2012-2016 Gyulaliyev’s sons were also subjected to physical violence with knives, as well as pressure from the police. -0-

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