Media Review for January 11, 2020

The country's sports successes, the difference in the protection of manat and foreign currency deposits, and the position of Bank Standard lenders are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the country's sports achievements, summing up the results of 2019. Last year, Azerbaijani athletes won 775 medals at international competitions, of which 271 - gold, 238 - silver, and 266 - bronze.

Azerbaijan took part in 243 international tournaments. At the second European Games in Minsk, Azerbaijan won 5 gold, 10 silver and 13 bronze medals, entering the top ten.

The website writes that most of Bank Standard's deposits have not yet been returned to depositors. Experts believe that this bank is simply robbed, and the Central Bank turns a blind eye to it. Most of the missing loans belong to a small part of customers.

153 legal entities and individuals are guilty of Bank Standard bankruptcy, the article says. They "took" about one billion manat from the bank.

The website discusses with an expert the nature of bank deposits in Baku and in the regions. In the capital, deposits are more in foreign currency, and in the regions they are more in manats.

Experts attribute this to the interests and preferences of citizens. Deposits in national currency bring more dividends than deposits in foreign currency.


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