Media Review October 27, 2018

The implementation of socio-economic infrastructure projects, the situation on the air of TV channels and the situation in the banking sector are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes that the country is included in the category of states with a developed infrastructure. Implemented infrastructure projects have turned the country into a transit hub. One of such projects is the irrigation canal opened on October 22 with the participation of the head of state in the Imishli region.

In recent years, a new 2,700 km long collector-drainage network has been built in the country. In addition, infrastructure projects such as new roads, power plants, gasification of human settlements have been created.

The website comments on the subject of television. MP Fazil Mustafa believes TV does not provide alternative information, hold debates on social issues, or discuss issues of concern to the population.

The MP believes there should be a balance between serious and entertainment programs.

The newspaper Yeni Musavat writes about the situation in the banking sector. The expert Akram Hasanov talks about the recovery of banks, their consolidation and the return of investor confidence.

The expert claims that banks evade taxes, reduce the amount of bad loans and so on. In addition, in the absence of transparency, the merger of banks looks unrealistic.

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