Natiq Karimov: there is not ban on the sale of hunting weapon, there is a ban on leaving the country

The information in   media  prohibiting the sale of hunting weapons for  Nardaran residents is unfounded, according to an elder of the village,  Natiq Kerimov.

"After the riots in 2001,  there were such facts. Even soldiers serving term in the army from the village of Nardaran were deprived of the service weapon," he said, adding that at present there are not such facts.

As for real problems,  Karimov complained about the ban on his leaving the country for treatment in Iran since March last year.

"During this period, I repeatedly wanted to leave for treatment, but I  was not allowed.  Nobody explains  the reason. Last time it was a month ago.  The Interior Ministry gave me a ridiculous answer that the ban was imposed  by the 14th police station  of the village of Sabunchu. However, it is clear that this is an order from the authorities, who do not even give  normal explanation," said Karimov. -05B-

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