Official Media Excel in Anti-American Hysteria

The official and pro-government media in Azerbaijan continue harsh criticism of the US Secretary of State John Kerry, which lasts for several days.

Thus, the official newspaper Azerbaijan in the article: "When human rights and democracy become a means of political adventures," notes that the West and the United States represent themselves as "a cradle of democracy." However, it is well known from history what disasters Western imperialism brought to many nations.

Those who present themselves as "heralds of freedom," in fact, are the authors of scenarios for the implementation of coups and political assassinations.

Another article in the same newspaper under the title: "The author of Section 907, John Kerry began anti-Azerbaijani campaign" argues that Kerry is working against Azerbaijan. The authors of this opinion are MPs Siyavush Novruzov, Asim Mollazade (a great friend of America), and a political scientist Mubariz Ahmedoglu.

They say that Kerry is campaigning "black PR" against Azerbaijan and supports the Armenians.

A similar article is also published by the newspaper Khalg, organ of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan. The article is called "The idea full of insidious PR exposed or Mister in the guise of an angel."

The author of the material claims that Kerry gave a direct indication to bribe journalists, writers and other creative people in Azerbaijan. There is no evidence or sources of these charges in the material.

Yesterday the US Embassy and the State Department denied the allegations against Kerry, saying that Washington supported Azerbaijan and its sovereignty not in words, but in fact. -03B-

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