Operations Committee confirms the death of a member of organizer of European Games

Operating Committee I of the European games of "Baku-2015" issued a statement the company «FiveCurrents», which confirmed with great sadness the death of a member of the creative staff on June 23 in Baku. The cause of death was a car accident on Heydar Aliyev Avenue. "He was a British citizen and worked on a contract basis in the company «FiveCurrents», the organizer of the ceremonies of European Games. Immediately after the accident, the other three members of the team have been hospitalized, is an Estonian citizen, a citizen of Nepal and a British citizen. Later, they will be sent home for further treatment. The victim - a British citizen, born in 1992, Maxwell Mihach Milne - the son of one of the persons responsible BEGOC». Law enforcement agencies reported that the accident occurred due to speeding. Note that this is the second serious incident during European Games. June 11 at the Olympic village bus knocked down three women - members of the Austrian team. The bus driver was arrested and the girl were seriously injured. -16D04-

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