Press Review 06/20/2016

The official Azerbaijan newspaper published an article dedicated to Azerbaijan's election a member of the UN Economic and Social Council. The author believes that the reason for this is the country's economic growth and social wellbeing achieved thanks to the government's policy and a correct assessment of the realities of the modern world by President Ilham Aliyev.

The country undertakes great economic reform and ranks 63rd out of 189 countries in the world. The newspaper recalls that in 2003-2005, Azerbaijan was a member of ECOSOC.

Azadlig writes that the official Baku always presents the United States as an enemy, and Russia as a friend. The US Ambassador Robert Cekuta told reporters that from 1993 to the present day the US assistance to Azerbaijan had amounted to 1.3 billion USD.

In addition, 22 US states have recognized the Khojaly tragedy. However, Azerbaijan continues to hold on to the author of the tragedies, Russia, and demonstrates loyalty to this state.

The author wonders if Russia has made adequate steps, or rendered assistance to Azerbaijani refugees, or provided unequivocal support in the Karabakh issue. The author believes that the reason for Baku’s friendship with Russia is that Russia does not require any democratization.

Yeni Musavat analyzes the meeting planned for today in St. Petersburg between the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia with the mediation of the Russian President. The meeting does not cause special optimism, because it is initiated by Russia. This meeting might not be a continuation of the Vienna meeting of May 16 and the initial agreement achieved there.

Russia can offer its own mechanism for monitoring the cease-fire regime. Experts believe that Russia is going to this meeting with the "Kazan formula", which means the return of five or six districts around Karabakh. Experts remind that emotions are too high in the region and cite President Ilham Aliyev’s words that the conflict is not frozen, which was proved by the April events.

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