Press review 14/12/12


Official newspapers published an order from President Ilham Aliyev on the approval of amendments to several laws of the country. These newspapers called a report from "Freedom House" prejudiced and biased, due to its inclusion of Azerbaijan in a list of non-free countries.



American experts have accused Iran of destructive activities in Azerbaijan.

The Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism was pelted with eggs during a commemoration ceremony of Heydar Aliyev in Ankara.

Baku considers the presence of the Armenian trace the reason that Azerbaijan was included in the list of non-free countries in the Freedom House report. Other experts believe that the Armenians are not needed, because the authorities themselves represent Azerbaijan as a country ruled by corruption and lawlessness.

The newspaper quotes official reports that in 2012 in Azerbaijan carbon monoxide killed 54 and injured 1,402 people.



Azerbaijan is ready for the first payment of compensation to third parties affected by the accident on insurance claims.



During the first 11 months of the 2012 in Azerbaijan,  road accidents killed 1,065 people and injured 2,845.


Bizim Yol

The Head of Caucasus Muslims Office Pashazadeh sent a letter of protest against the law "on reproductive health" to the Milli Majlis. 


Yeni Musavat

Aydin Abbasov, Member of Parliament and son of a member of the "Union of billionaires” Abbas Abbasov, has closed his office in Ganja. The family business of Abbasov is being closed by the authorities, the newspaper said. -0 –


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