Real Socialist Movement Activist Claims Pressure on Him by Police

Baku / 01.02.20 / Turan: An activist of the Real Socialist Movement (RSM) Enver Jalilov, who was detained on January 30 while putting up posters calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections, was released a day later. He stated that he was morally and physically pressured by the police. The Baku City Police Department has denied his words.

According to Jalilov (Turan), he was detained on January 30 in the Khatai district of Baku, when he put up a poster calling for a boycott of early parliamentary elections.

When 7-8 people approached the young man, he, thinking that it was plainclothes policemen, rushed to run. However, he was caught. Those who caught him turned out to be employees of the local housing and utilities operational site and called the police. The young man was taken to the 36th branch of the Khatai district police department.

“At first they spoke calmly and asked the reasons for my action. I explained. But after 10-15 minutes they began to scold me, insult me, and slap me. My mouth began to bleed. This went on with interruptions for about two hours. They interrogated me as soon as they didn’t like something, and they started beating me. Then they took me to the chief. At first he spoke calmly. But then he and the head of the department began to insult me,” continued Jalilov.

Further, according to the activist, he was taken to the deputy head of the department.

The next day, at 9.00 in the morning, Jalilov was taken to the Khatai district police department. “There, some employees told others: “Take him to the basement and explain life to him,” Jalilov continued.

However, after half an hour, the activist was taken to the Main Police Department of Baku. “They spoke to me calmly. But then they insulted me, threatened to beat me with a club, and asked “Who is behind you?”, “Where do you get money from?” About six in the evening I was taken back to the 36th branch. They drew up a protocol under Art. 510 of the Code of Administrative Offenses and I was awarded a fine of 50 manat, and then released,” Jalilov said.

He said that in the department he was not allowed to contact his relatives and was not given food brought by his comrades.

However, the head of the press service of the Main Police Department of Baku, Elshad Hajiyev, confirming the activist’s presence in the police, denied allegations of pressure on him.

“Some people, in order to increase their political significance, disseminate false and slanderous information about allegedly putting pressure on them by police officers. What Jalilov said is lie and nonsense. Under no circumstances can there be any talk of putting pressure on citizens in a police institution,” Hajiyev told Turan. –21B-


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