Repair works on Bul-Bul Avenue

Traffic on several central streets of Baku  has been blocked for several days due  repair works, but Mayor Office does not explain what kind of works. The only information comes from the city's traffic police, which is reported that "the traffic is limited due to the replacement of communications."Nobody explains how long will the works continue.  The workers  do  not want to communicate  with journalists.

Builders, excavating in the city center, speak with journalists do not want to.

Judging by the nervous reactions to the people with cameras, they are not allowed to answer questions from reporters.

In the City Hall or in the Sabail District of  Executive Power it is also impossible to find a person or a news service to  comment.

From the observation it  is seen that  heavy machinery not just removes thick layers of asphalt, but and  digs a meter and a half deeper. Waster and gas pipes, and other communications are also removed; thus in the city center  people for hours and even for days  are without water and gas.

At present, such a situation can be observed from  Heydar Aliyev Palace to the metro station "Sahil" and then towards the museum center. -02В-

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