The last word in the distribution of apartments for journalists will be said by the administration of President

The Board of the Press Council discussed the issue of determining the criteria for the distribution of apartments for journalists, according to the order of the President. Since most of the press organs are members of the Press Council,  it was decided to provide  apartments for the editorial staff entering this structure. 

It was decided to get a proposal to provide apartments from the editorial offices which should select the most qualified candidates.

It was noted that taking into account the limited number of apartments, to nominate candidates according to the following criteria: regular dissemination of mass media (newspapers, magazines, news agencies, news portal on the Internet), the activities of the applicant in this edition  not less than  five years , and his having no less than 10 years of journalistic experience.

Daily newspapers and news agencies can nominate up to three candidates; weekly newspapers, magazines and news portals - one candidate.

Candidates should be selected at the meetings of the editorial board, and presenting letters to the Press Council.

*  The applicants should attach copies of identity cards, a copy of the work book, a copy  of the minutes of a candidate, a document from the State Real Estate Register Service on the absence of apartment (house),  and biography of the candidate.

Editors should agree a date with the editorial board, and participation of the representative of the Board at the  meeting  is necessary. These documents should be submitted by June 15.

The Press Council, in turn, will send the collected materials to the presidential administration.

The report of the Press Council did not  specify how many apartments  will be given to  reporters.

The block of flats built for journalists was built in the village of Bibiheybat near the driving school. -06D – 


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