Two witnesses spoke at the trial in the case  of Lapshin

Baku/03.07.17/Turan: Two witnesses were heard at the trial in the case of the blogger Alexander Lapshin on Monday. Forced migrant from Shusha region, Eyyub Abdulazimov, said he heard about Lapshin from media reports. Abdulazimov said, as a result of Armenian aggression, he had to leave his native places. Lapshin also visited Nagorny Karabakh trying to present it as an "independent Armenian state," expressing support for the separatists. He asked the court to give Lapshin a well-deserved punishment.

Another witness, also a forced migrant from Shusha region, Fakhraddin Safarov, said that Lapshin visited Nagorno-Karabakh, from where the Azerbaijani population was forcibly expelled, and offended the feelings of Azerbaijanis. The witness said that he knows from the press about anti-Azerbaijani statements of Lapshin.

Being a participant in the Karabakh war, he knows firsthand about the atrocities of Armenians who massacred even young children. "Lapshin, however, defends the invaders, aggressors, violating our rights. He must acknowledge his actions," Safarov said. Then judge Alovsat Abbasov announced that there were still three witnesses. However, according to the laws of Azerbaijan, the witness has the right not to testify against close relatives. In turn, lawyer Eduard Chernin in a conversation with a correspondent of Turan said that Lapshin's mother has no desire to appear in court. She will come to Baku, but to see her son. The next trial is scheduled for July 6.

According to the indictment, Lapshin visited the occupied territories of Azerbaijan more than once in 2011-2016. For this he was included in the "black list" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. However, in 2015 he entered Azerbaijan on the Ukrainian passport, using the difference in writing his name.

Lapshin was detained by the authorities of Belarus at the request of Azerbaijan and issued to Baku. According to the charges, Lapshin faces up to 8 years in prison.

The powers of Russia and Israel appealed to the authorities of Azerbaijan with a request for the release of the blogger, but they did not achieve the goal. -06C06--

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