Vladimir Soloviev: Aliyev specially appointed his wife as vice-president

Moscow / 11.04.17 / Turan: Russian TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev had a 2-hour conversation with Ilham Aliyev in Baku, for which he was specially invited to the capital of Azerbaijan,  Solovyov told today in an interview with the radio station Vesti.FM.

"The conversation with Aliyev was very frank and I asked those questions that I wanted to receive answers in view of my positive attitude towards Armenia," Soloviev said. "Aliyev made a very good impression on me, and he is brilliantly educated, but that does not mean that I agree with his position," the TV presenter said.

They discussed the  topic of the blogger Alexander Lapshin and the Russian by Armenian origin, Ueldanov, who are under arrest in Azerbaijan. "I hope that  Lapshin’s casewill not reach the real term of imprisonment," said Soloviev. "There is no adoration of America there," Soloviev said of Aliyev's attitude to the United States. "Aliyev told how he dealt with his opposition. I began to simply control the flow of foreign money and immediately the opposition became marginal, "  the TV presenter quoted Aliyev.  "I asked: why did you arrest so many people?

-  We have such a country, that if you do not show rigidity, very soon the bearded men will run around the streets and  will explode everything.

Then I realized that America wants to see us as beggars and  they want us to be in their fairways, and if we suddenly get rich, then immediately begin talks about corruption and  that we are bad. Therefore, I decided to break all the stereotypes and show them that we are not Europe, and held a referendum on the presidential term," the TV presenter  quotes Aliyev.

"I asked him, why did you appoint your wife?

"I did it on purpose." Firstly, this is the consolidation of the existing status quo, and secondly I wanted to show them that we are not like them, and we will not follow the path they want, "Aliyev said.

According to Solovyov, Aliyev is very strict against political Islam and will stop any attempt of religious figures "to get into politics who want to seize power and turn a secular country into a religious one."

As for Karabakh, Aliyev made it clear that he understands Russia's concern as an ally of Armenia, but when it is necessary to decide on his position on the need to preserve the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, he will not back down. "But there is a clear understanding that under the current Russian leadership a military solution is impossible," Soloviev said.

Speaking about the prospects for resolving the issue, Soloviev expressed the opinion that Azerbaijan can invest in Karabakh and join the Eurasian Economic Union if the conflict is resolved.

Soloviev noted that Aliyev did not express any displeasure that the TV host visited Karabakh. -02D-

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