Azerbaijan registers livestock deaths from virus

The nodular dermatitis virus has begun to spread in Azerbaijan. According to the State Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, the victims of the infectious disease already include 11 head of livestock in the Agdash, Zardab and Barda districts.

According to the press service, on the whole the virus has been fixed at 1.6 thousand animals, of which 1.2 thousand have received the necessary treatment, while the remaining 400 are under the supervision of experts.

According to experts, this kind of disease is transmitted by blood-sucking insects, including horseflies, flies and mosquitoes. In this connection, places of high humidity are not recommended for cattle, and animals should not be put out to such pastures. Farmers should pay particular attention to the forage for their animals.

Nodular dermatitis is an infectious disease characterized by short-term fever and lesions of the skin, lymphatic system and mucous membranes with the formation of tubercles in the subcutaneous tissue and necrosis. -17D-

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