Cinema attendance grows

Over the past 3-4 years the objects showing of films is getting larger, indicating that the high profitability of film distribution in Azerbaijan. Only in 2013, according to the State Statistics Committee, the number of cinema visits increased by 2.6 times.

According to official data, in 2013 cinemas visited 183,900 people, which were 114,600 more people than in 2012. For every 1,000 people in the country there were 20 movie fans in 2013.

The largest theater in Baku is opened in October 2010, Park Cinema. Cinema, consisting of 6 rooms for 789 people, located on the fourth floor of a shopping center Park Boulevard. Cinema belongs to JSC Caspian Capital. The company also operates movie theaters Metro Park, Amburan and Zagulba. In the near future we expect to open another theater in the Flame Towers in Baku.

In late December, after the reconstruction, there opened one of the oldest theaters of the country - Nizami, which was granted the status of Centre of Cinema. Over six floors located Nizami Azerbaijan's largest facility for film screenings. There are 3 rooms for 50, 80 and 500 seats, as well as VİP-hall for 24 seats. Press office of the Center for Film did not respond to a written request Turan about the frequency of sessions, attendance, results of operations.

In 2012, for unknown reasons, was closed Azerbaijan's first center of modern cinema - cinema Azerbaijan, which since 1998 was in the management of the Azerbaijan International Film Company (Anglo-Azerbaijani joint venture). The joint venture broke up, and the doors were closed theater. Three halls of the theater, which have 320 seats, now empty.

On the day in the halls of cinema demonstrated not least 3-4 sessions. The ticket price is 4 to 8 manat depending duration, genre and time of the screening.

Provided by the State Statistics Committee data, in Baku are 6 objects movies, including in Nasimi district – 4, Sabail - 1 and Nizami – 1. In 2013, the cinemas located in the Nasimi district took 157,600 viewers. In Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic operates 2 cinemas, which in 2013 were visited by 13 400 people.

In 2008, Azerbaijan was the start of the privatization of showing movies. In 2008-2013 71 cinemas were sold at cash auctions. -- 08B-

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