Germany Innovative Technologies Upgrade Industry in Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan-Saxon Technology Forum on Innovative Technologies for the Modernization of Industry started in Baku with the assistance of the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce.

According to the head of the Industry Department of the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan Samad Bashirli, Germany actively funds local infrastructure projects, as well as provides them with technical assistance. "The government has already identified areas of cooperation with Germany as part of the non-oil economy," he said, referring to the experience of the European states in mechanical engineering, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

"A common feature that unites all of these industries is a demand for innovation for their development, but our government attaches great importance to cooperation with Germany in the field of innovative technologies," the official said, inviting specifically pharmaceutical companies to the country.

According to a member of the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, Michael Hoffman, the gradual transformation of Azerbaijan into a country of origin for non-oil sector products indicates the presence of the potential and possibilities of cooperation between the representatives of the real economy. --17D-

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